Cost management

Automation systems are powerful tools that reduce your waste of capital and increase your income!

Data management

With the right statistics available from our smart systems, you can easily manage the "future"!

Energy Management

Tangible reduction of energy consumption, thus reducing pollution and costs with intelligent systems is easily possible!

Management Solutions

Using our smart systems, our company manages the clockwork anywhere!

Why do we offer you Smart Energy Simorgh?

engineering design

Our team works in a variety of disciplines, with a team of top university graduates and industry professionals. Therefore, our company provides you with a combination of experience and knowledge at the lowest possible cost

Product consultation

Since the most expensive product is not always the best product, we strongly advise you to consult our advisory team before taking any action to best suit your needs.

Use of quality and up-to-date products

We all know that technology is growing at an incredible pace, so we guarantee you to provide and support the latest, high-quality products.

Slow support

Because our support is more valuable than sales, it is enough to accept us as your partner to always support your products in a friendly relationship.

Why Simorgh Hooshmand Energy?

With the slogan "Trust in Technology, Increasing Productivity" with the slogan "Trust in Technology, Increasing Productivity", Simorgh Smart Energy Co. has been working on the best teams in the industry with experienced industry and high school graduates to meet the needs of dear customers in the field of "automation" in all aspects. And provide all the fields. Accordingly, according to the quality charter and the ethical charter approved by the company, the supply of customers with the best possible quality will be supported and implemented.