Cost Management

Automation systems are powerful tools that minimize your loss of capital and boost your income!

Data Management

With the reliable statistics available from our intelligent systems, you can easily plan for the "future"!

Energy Management

Considerable reduction of energy consumption and consequently reduction of pollution and costs are easily possible with intelligent systems!

Management Solutions

Using our intelligent systems, you can manage your time wherever and whenever it suits you. Your building is at your fingertips - Any time, anywhere. 

Why Do We Offer You Simurgh Hooshmand Energy?

Engineering Design

Simurgh Hooshmand Energy Industrial Group collaborates with top university graduates and industry professionals of a variety of disciplines. We provide the combination of experience and knowledge for you at the lowest possible cost.

Product Consultation

Since the most expensive product is not always the best, we recommend you to consult our advisory team before taking any action in order to make the right choice to best meet your need. 

Use of High-Quality & Up-to-Date Products

We all know that technology is developing at a rapid pace, so we guarantee to provide and support the latest and high-quality products.

Full Support

Ease of use is a constant factor in all SIMHOOSH software. Anyone who selects SIMHOOSH is chooshing quality and service. We also stay in contact after delivery to make sure whether everything goes according to plan. Our advisors help you to get the best out of your intelligent system and therefore your greenhouse climate! 

Why Simurgh Hooshmand Energy?

With the slogan "Trust technology, enhance efficiency", Simurgh Hooshmand Energy Industrial Group enjoying collaboration with top university graduates and industry professionals, attempts to fulfill the needs of valued customers in the field of automation, in all aspects. Thus, according to the quality and ethics charters of the company, the needs of customers are fully addressed.