User training

The method of working with the automation product is taught to users during operation and periodic inspection. At the same time, the product manual will be provided by the company.

Facility and Loan

The products of this company are registered in the Mechanization Center of the country and can be used to purchase products from the long-term facilities of the Agricultural Bank.

After-sales service and online support

For 5 years from the date of installation and operation, the company is required to supply parts and provide after-sales service and specialized consultancy.


All internal product and hardware sensors in hardware and software are subject to the warranty laws of the company from the date of installation for 18 months.

professional Consultation

We will be with you from the time of the customer's request until the time of exploitation and harvesting of the product. Bachelor of Automation, Specifications, Type of Crop, Qualitative and Quantitative Reports, and ... will be presented to you.

Periodic inspection and service

The program of inspection and service of the product for 6 months from the date and operation is monthly, quarterly, six months, annually by the company and completely free of charge.