Simurgh Hooshmand Energy Industrial Group offers innovative advanced solutions in the fields of climate control, saving energy and optimal use of natural resources. We aim to provide the best possible solutions for intelligent monitoring and automation services in greenhouses, poultry houses, dairy farms, villas, gardens and industrial centers.

Our primary and long-term goal is to use clean energy, manage energy consumption and preserve the country’s natural resources as well as bringing down the costs of our customers.

With the slogan "Trust technology, enhance efficiency", we believe that the key principle of progress is a new definition of communication with customers and, therefore, are committed to establishing a permanent and strong relationship with our valued customers to be part of us.

All you need to do is be willing to control your greenhouse, poultry house, house or anywhere else by automation and intelligent systems. Our experts address your need within the shortest possible time and provide you with essential training, helping you to monitor and control everything intelligently.  

   “if we handle our natural resources in a smarter way, there will be enough for everyone, without us exhausting the Earth”

Trust technology with Simurgh Hooshmand Energy to achieve greater efficiency!   

Ahmad Rouhani

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Chief Executive Office

Milad Elahi

M.Sc., Electrical Engineering

Department of Manufacture & Operation

Mahdi Golbon

M.Sc., Electrical Engineering

Department of Manufacture & Operation

Amin Rouhani

M.Sc., Electrical Engineering

Department of research & Development

Behnaz Behzadi

M.A., Phsychology

Department of Finance & Administration

Fatemeh Khalili

M.A., Linguistics

Department of Commerce & Business Development

Rayeheh Tavana

M.Sc., Accounting

Department of Finance & Administration

Sales Expert

M.Sc., Agriculture

Department of Commerce & Business Development